Heather Crumley, The Skinny, October 2007 [4/5]

It feels like a mistake that this album is released at the start of October: it’s so perfectly summery, designed to be listened to in a sunny park or heard from a festival stage. Cute keyboard hooks, twinkles of guitar and vocals that purr sweetly, The Hand of God is a million miles away from the current keeping-it-real craze, and is all the better for it. Tracks like the gorgeous Wake Up! Be Tired! and We Hit The Town Drinking are shot through with a gentle sparkle, and with the vocals being the only natural element among the electronic beats and synthesised instruments, it feels as if you are listening to something from another galaxy. The tempo rarely rises above an amble, but the effect is relaxing rather than boring, making for a near perfect dreamlike album. Blissful listening.

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