The Records

Here, in order, are the Northern Alliance releases, and a summary of some of the things people said about them. If you’re interested, you can download the entire back catalogue at the Northern Alliance BandCamp page. No charge.

NA-hopeHope in Little Things

Released in 2003

“a heart as heavy as the sun. Most promising.” – Metro

“wheezing keyboard and stinging guitar” – Scotland on Sunday

“a wistful, laidback, countrified record” – Sunday Herald

“heartbroken and drunkenly swaying” – Kerrang [4/5]

“possessing a mesmerising fascination” – Logo Magazine

“a sleepy foray into muted atmospherics” – Q [3/5]

“very likeable” – Rock Sound

“this is lovely” – The Big Issue

“long live lo-fi – when it’s done like this” – Baby Tiger

“a chunk of essential noise” – Radio 2XS

“vastly superior” – Unpeeled

“many of the right buttons are pushed here” – The List

“an engaging ride” – Is This Music?

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NA-dfsDisaster For Scotland

Released in 2004

“I’m glad I have this record” – Comes with a Smile

“moody n magnificent” – Unpeeled

“a sleepwalk through a daydream… fantastic” – Is This Music?

“sadder than lassie… what a result” – Scotland on Sunday

“true Celtic folk sounds and moods” – Rocksound [8/10]

“beautifully maudlin” – The List [4/5]

“full of longing and grit” – Logo Magazione

“quiet intensity” – The Big Issue

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NA-grainsFor the Grains of Sand

Released in 2006

“breathtaking” – Maverick Magazine [4/5]

“you’ll love this” – Is This Music [4/5]

“a triumph of homespun recording” – The Big Issue [4/5]

“works of beautifully fragile optimism…a great album” – The List [4/5]

“a charm-filled album” – Sunday Mail

“incredible mix of Spiritualised and The Beta Band” – Daily Record

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NA-thogThe Hand of God

Released in 2007

“amazingly haunting… an epic slowburner” – Steve Lamacq, Radio 2

“has a beautiful, dreamlike quality” – Maverick Magazine [4/5]

“a fine record” – The List [4/5]

“a mesmerising sonic masterpiece” – The Daily Record

“a near perfect dreamlike album. Blissful listening” – The Skinny [4/5]

“a gorgeously melancholic mini-album” – Subba-Cultcha [9/10]

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NA-ossiansThe MacPherson Tapes (as The Ossians)

Released in 2008

“sometimes sweet, sometimes blisteringly noisy and sometimes too good never to be performed” – The Highland News

“ of their best albums..” – Daily Record

“[there are moments] when you would wish The Ossians into existence” – The Scotsman

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You can download ALL of these at the Northern Alliance BandCamp page.