Daily Record, 28.03.08

THAT busy boy Doug Johnstone, not content with fronting the great Northern Alliance and writing a novel, Tombstoning, has gone one better.

He’s put the two together and has now written a book called The Ossians and released a mini-album under their name.

While Northern Alliance helps you to float to better places, The Ossians are a rockier, rowdier bunch. Of the seven songs, second tune RLS is how I wished Teenage Fanclub had been – harmonies with a bit of meat. My Evil Twin starts with the wonderful lyric, “I know that you want to kill me tonight.” While Shifting Sands has a Merseybeat edge and again wonderful lyrics such as, “If I had a boat/I’d scuttle it for you.”

Justified Sinner keeps up the eclectic feel of the album changing tack to include buzz-saw punk. In 1995, U2 made an experimental album Original Soundtracks 1 but the label didn’t like it and they changed their name to Passengers – it’s still one of their best albums. Doug has just done the same.

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