Rick Fulton, Daily Record, 5 October 2007

The Edinburgh-based trio of Craig Smith, Doug Johnstone and Viv Strachan release a new mini-album less than a year after album For the Grains of Sand.The Hand of God’s title track is about Maradona’s handball goal against England in the 1986 World Cup and comes across like a lo-fi lullaby. In fact, the whole album is far more low key than For the Grains of Sand. Slow beats and bleeps, languid vocals and nursery-like tinkles float across the seven tracks. The highlight for me is final track, The Water Will Argue With Itself. A mesmerising sonic masterpiece, it’s a lullaby for the senses. While Doug and Viv’s harmonies on songs such as The Good Black Swans and There’s Blood in the Back Seat are full of folk and Americana, the departure to electronica is a huge blissed-out bonus. The Hand of God is out now.

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