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Malcolm Jack, The Big Issue, October 2007 [4/5]

Melancholy East Lothian trio Northern Alliance are a band of many guises. While their last record hit post-rock peaks, this one is stripped down to lo-fi basics: drum machines, synths and soft-spoken vocals. Songs about hope. swans and Maradona.

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Peter John Meiklem, The Big Issue, November 2006 [4/5]

Lying between the dark, post rock of Mogwai and the quiet vocals of Low, this third album from the East Lothianers is a triumph of homespun recording.

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Clare Harris, Big Issue, 27.5.04

A cynic might say that Anstruther-based Fence Records have carved themselves a nice niche market in twee. But I’m no cynic. The latest release from the ubiquitous collective’s Picket Fence series is a selection of songs from Edinburgh’s Northern Alliance. … Continue reading

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Leon McDermott, Big Issue in Scotland, July 17 2003

If the band name reminds you of a bunch of morally suspect Afghan warlords, then the album title ought to confirm that, rather than Northern Alliance being gun-totin’ mercenaries, they’re an indie band. A nice little indie band, with pretty … Continue reading

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