Nick Miles, Baby Tiger

Hollow, scratchy vocals, purring organs and that grating, inorganic harpsichord sound that comes out of an acoustic guitar with a cheap pickup; this is a home made record aspiring to lo-fi chic. And I think its got it.The lyrics are flimsy, avoiding anything too personal, some of the rhymes a bit forced, but atmospheric in their own way. These songs are populated not by people, but with buildings, earthquakes, geometry, clocks, dust and refrains that fulfill a rhythmic rather than a lyrical purpose: Look out / Look out / Look out or… When the clocks go forward / When the clocks go forward / When the clocks go forward. Pop lyrics don’t normally stand up to much dissection, but at the same time they rarely invite it. Northern Alliance have made an intriguing short album, aiming considerably higher than is considered comfortable for mainstream playlisted material. Long live lo-fi – when it’s done like this.

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