Mark Robertson, The List, 10.4.03 [4/5]

It’s not where you are, it’s where you’re at. So, fittingly, Northern Alliance belie their east coast (Edinburgh, East Lothian) roots for some distinctly mid-west (Louisville, Kentucky) action. Many of the right buttons are pushed here as they invoke the wayward spirit of Sparklehorse, the patient gentility of Mazzy Star, and thoughts of a raft of down-at-heel, Marlboro’ puffin’, JD chuggin’ country troubadours. While there is some patchy vocal production in places, ‘Campaign for Dark Skies’ could pass as the Palace Brothers aided by Isobel Campbell had she eaten her spinach, and when ‘Earthquake Zone’ shudders to a rumbling climax you may be convinced the walls are actually crumbling in around you.

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