Camilla Pia, Kerrang, 20th September 2003 [KKKK]

Scottish trio unleash slow-burning, charts-baiting mini-album.

There’s nothing like the sound of a band quite clearly giving the finger to the over produced mainstream, and Northern Alliance do it with an inebriated smile on their faces.

The three-piece formed at a New Year’s Eve party early last year, now live in Edinburgh and Paris and deal lyrically with such subject matters as seagulls, germs, loneliness, light pollution and the ancient dead rising from the grave. Musically, think the dark beauty of Mogwai gone pop, with boy-girl vocals, and fuzzy downbeat intros which crescendo into searing guitar explosions, rounded off with a gloriously rough and tumble quality that runs through the entire record.

‘Hope in little things’ is far from perfect; it’s ramshackle, heartbroken and drunkenly swaying, but that’s exactly where its charm lies.

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